Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dream On

It’s kind of sad to read a note saying bye bye.

It’s not from a living someone. It’s from a site that I posted some of my ‘artes’ (Spanish). It’s said they are closing by the end of this year and I have to migrate all my pictures. Yet another website that’s cannibalized, and whether true or not, we’ll see by the end of this year. And just like friends, websites they come and go. Sad indeed.

Anyway, I browsed my photos in the account even for the last remaining months before they're no longer accessible. And tsareeeen, I remembered I had this posted:
Places to See: Madagascar (Watercolor on I-board)
Yes, baobab trees. Madasgascar. Wondering why I painted this? (As if you care. LOL) Actually, I had a dream and still is dreaming up to now. I want to go to some places - including this one. I heard and saw in NatGeo that it shelters several species plantarum and animalis only found in this particular island in Africa. I just want to see some of them. Hay, this dream is so college days already.

Well, now, things are different. But the dream is still alive. So, to make use of this boring Saturday couch potato moments, I did a little thing for my hands to get busy with. Here:

Okey, okey, okey. Maybe you are now confused what I really want to do? Well, my head says fashion illustration and design, but I’m not limiting my options. Thus, the print in that cute little frock.

And by the way, I’m not going to tell what social-networking website is closing. Just try to Google it. You may find what is it. Har, har, har!

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