Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Fashion Design

I say, 'when you have a dream, chase it!'

This is my self-advice as well. When you come to the age like mine (I won't tell, LOL), it's a shame when you still need a lot of people to push you and motivate you into doing something. You still need it though, I need it at times too, there is no better fuel to boost motivation than self. 

So for me, I keep telling myself more often to keep on going and not depend on anybody to tell me to go on. They also have life to do.  I have a dream and I have to take responsibility of making it happen.

Now, I'm in my room trying to get down and dirty. Staring carefully at these sketches in the pages of Fashion Design Course book to analyse the technical aspects for technical drawing and practice pattern-making.
Then, trying to learn something new in designing, and trying to refresh what has been learned. These are pix of the pages from Patternmaking For Fashion Design book. 
Why do I do all these? Because like I said, I have a dream. And it is standing in front of a flagship store of my own. Just like this:
Haters, say whatever you say and be skeptical about it. But I'm not giving up so soon.

Not this time, yet.

P.S. For those budding designers like me who may want to have additional references, you can borrow the books I have here. Only when I get home. Let's learn and chase dreams together. Cheers!

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