Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Touching Lives

I'm resting today. Oh, yeah? Not so yeah. The doctor told me so. Wait. Wait. Wait. Before everyone panics, (as if anybody cares, lol), I'm just having a little malady not worth sharing since it can be hardly understood - only the neurologists and psychologists do. No offense. 

Because of boredom, I scrolled up and down and up and down YouTube's parade of full movies.  It seems to have a little rights issue posting full-length movies in YT, but this time I don't care. I watched few feel-good ones, then I watched this flick about a boy finding a family. I really got to share the link in this site.

Opps! Not so fast. Let me rationalize everything for the sake of my animal rights as well. I happen to stumble this movie few times already, but I did not watch because I thought the title is boring and I've seen a lot of family-oriented flicks that feel so overkill (what does that mean?). Today, I dared to click it and found this one to be different. 

It was heartbreaking story of piercing reality and despair of a good boy caught in a bad circumstance. His mother is sick and couldn't take care of him. His mother is not by-nature a bad person, it's just that her physical injury killed her dreams. Even with this, the boy did not falter and his dream propels him to try even harder. But in the meantime, he needs safety net. He's so young then. He needs a home. Honestly, I cried and cried half of the movie. 

Opps, again! I have made 4 paragraphs already. Just got excited of my review. Now, here's the full length of Hallmark's "Finding a Family". Now I'm sharing not just the link. Please, please watch this and learn:

Now, a lot of us are whining about how dysfunctional our families are, how bad our others' or fathers' attitudes are, how irresponsible our parents are, or how poor we are blaming our parents  for not trying their luck so hard way before. Some of us hated our parents and brothers and sisters for lame reasons at all or due to our personal selfish interests. Some even bad-mouth or curse them or name them names. Yes, I must admit, I had some of the thoughts sometimes as well - I will not lie. But I realized this thought is completely wrong. I realized I'm one of those lucky people to have my family since the day I gained consciousness. While others are trying to find some place to be called home - while this boy is trying to have one and longs for a 'Normal Christmas' that he truly deserves.

Okey. This reminds me to strive and never back down. But then, I miss home. Yet, I also have to chase my dream somewhere. And I feel like caught in the middle. But I need to be strong to say goodbye to few of my friends around here to go somewhere.

God knows where. It's somewhere only we know. Somewhere only we know.

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