Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines

Today is the last day of September (obviously). I'm trying to get things in order so I could concentrate with my planned October countdown. What is that countdown for? Well, you will know when a thing comes.

Anyway, I've come across with this youtube video shared by one of my friends in fb appearing in my home feed. The activity in the video is not quite new, but simply, I was just touched by the inertia and motivation of these jail birds. I should say, such an epitome of what we called 'Life goes on".

 Have a look:

So for those who are yet lucky enough not experience what these people in the video are going through in real lives, don't try to kill your happiness by worrying so much. Look at them, through emotional and psychological hardships, life goes on. Amid court trials and battle they have had, life should go on. And through the rain, the fun shouldn't stop and dancing must go on - Gangnam Style. 

After all, it's more fun in the Philippines. I could attest to that.

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