Friday, September 7, 2012


This is more than a typical kind of day. Of course, lah! It’s Friday! And, oh, gee! I’m wearing red today.
Not the shirt. That’s pink. Mickey Mouse Pink from Uniqlo Sale. 
It’s the shoes, honey, the shoes! Look closer:
I know it's blurry. So let me give you a sharp look. 
And when one likes to wear a pair like this, it's confirmed that...
 …one just love Just-do-It shoes. Yes, that's me! And this pair's in head-turner red. I know that this Casual Friday policy thing does not give the total liberty when it comes to bold colours, but I just want to break free from boring black and grey and blue corporate hues. So every Friday is called "The Emancipation of Me". Such a parody to my favorite music album from MCLOL.

Well, if you happen to be one of my closests, then you will notice something familiar about it.
I know right? I had this kind of football shoes last year (2011), but, in blue bolt and hot pink colour schemes.

I'm so fanatic of such shoe design (and, well, the design, in general) because it's comfortable, fashionable, noticeable. LOL. If this eye-catcher kind would still exist and be shelved at the On-Sale rack next year (2013), definitely I will buy another pair. 

Whatever you say, I just want to make a statement. A statement that goes something like this:

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