Saturday, May 7, 2011

Statement Shoes

I don’t know how to start it but I have to start anyway.

It was laid back Friday that I decided to please myself by putting a little colour or two in this ageing and becoming boring life of mine. So I went to work with my favorite shirt and training shoes. I did not intend to flash all people in the office, but the colours of my footgear are too flamboyant that only a colour blind person could ignore. Also, I did not mind the compliments of my colleagues until I’ve walked in to my oldest officemate’s office and he can’t help but say, ‘Oh, what a colourful pair of shoes!’ From that moment, I have realized something.

In order to get noticed, one must be bold. Before, I kept on holding back my feelings and words because I was so afraid to be misinterpreted for being too cocky and loud of my opinions. I am not against thinking million times before saying or doing things, but sometimes we need to do what we have to do especially if we thought it is the right thing to say or do. We also need to express what we have to in order to be heard or understood.

I have met talented people only to find out stuck because they are so afraid to be ridiculed by people. My advice to them is, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from doing the right thing. And most of the time, our mind is our own boundary. This is because we keep on listening to people of what they say, I mean, those people who are not there yet or having issues finding their way in going there or those that are so afraid to be crossed over that they will create a little drama of anything just to stop you from getting there. Just imagine if Magellan (if you happen to remember in History class) shied away the time people in his generation laughed at the idea that the world is round. Probably, Philippines will not be on the world map.
Life is what we make it, as an old adage put that way. For that, I should say that everything that happens to us is all because of how we decide on putting things together. And as we journey into each of our destiny, we need strategies and strength to conquer the obstacles along the way. And life is also like a shoe, the stronger it is the longer is the wearing timeline. And if you choose to have noticeable you and livelier trip, then put on a nice pair of statement shoes.

Come on, don’t be stiff. Know what you want and go get it. It's like,'if the shoe fits, then wear it'. Don’t be afraid to make a statement or kick some ass. Take it from the globetrotters and global handymen who’ve been to world and are wearing these shoes:


  1. i agree.. i have a lot of regrets in life because i was afraid to try, i was afraid to explore, and afraid what other people may think.

    sane insanity

  2. @juicekodai.

    hahah, our educational system taught us not to commit so many mistakes, to make sure our test papers have more checks than wrong, to do things perfectly and to stick to what we know. in real life, though it isn't trial and error, it doesn't work that way. everything is already there, all we need to do is explore. and sometimes in discovering things, we bleed, but we can learn. in my case, i love, i learn. :D


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