Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's Move and Let's Love

I’m about to write something in the name of love. Oh, this is so deep for me since I’m not use to such. But wait, there are several forms of love. And this one is not of romantic kind. Gee! Spare me the drama.

Anyway, this about my concern for the Planet we’re living in. Still within the context of love, right? I know it’s corny, but I just feel the need.
I miss home. Sure do. I hope to see such beautiful sunset when I'm back.
Well, we still got lucky. Our generation yet has the chance to experience every enjoyable natural resource essential for humankind to thrive - fresh air, clean water, the evergreen scenery, the sun. But with our existing mindless lifestyle from as simple as throwing rubbish everywhere to as complicated as smoke belching, or highly scientific as excessive CO2 emission to the atmosphere, do you think this world could survive long enough? I don’t know, but possibly not.
I just remember my days of youth living in the countryside. With all those fogs in the morning covering the verdant landscape, the scene was quite picturesque. My childhood friends and I used to play in the flowering meadow, or escaped to a creek to catch transparent freshwater fishes (don’t know the names) just for fun. We ran to hilltops for kite flying under the clear sunny skies or sledding down riding on a coconut ‘branch head’ (I don’t know the exact English term for it). Those times, the hills were green-covered even at summertime.
Look! They planted some trees on the cone I used to climb up.

But the last time I visited my home village, the fogging is gone. The meadows become bleak, with several houses raised on it.  The creek becomes almost dry. The hills are brownish-looking even for rainy season. Some cones turn into quarries. The view is still pretty though, but not as how it looks like what my memory had stored in.
The Meadow.

I believe these are manifestations of global warming. Negative environmental changes. Even the countryside is experiencing it. Needless to further explain this phenomenon since it is highly technical and you can read it in Wikipedia. In layman, simply this is climate change. With all these signs we experience nowadays (that I feel it's not necessary to enumerate), I think it won’t be long the naturally beautiful God-made wonders we see will vanish. And there is no more for the next generation to enjoy – that is if there would be next generation.

For this, I feel it’s time to make our move to save what’s left and cultivate them to flourish in reserve for the future. We can start by simply being responsible of not throwing garbage everywhere and minimizing the use of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics, styros, all of these kinds. For those who have cars, I suppose cleaning up vehicle engines reduces smoke emission if we cannot control factories from doing so (leave them to responsible governance, ^.-). And the list goes on.

Let us show some love. Let us build pleasurable natural (non-artificial, of course!) living condition while we still can for us to enjoy and for the generation next to us to marvel. Together, we could make a better world for today and for the future. It is not impossible.

If the world ends on December 2012, then this campaign is pointless at all. But if it will not, then, I insist I make sense.

Now is the time. Let’s Move and Let’s Love. In style. ^.^


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