Saturday, September 1, 2012

Change is Good!

OMG! I can’t help but be in awe with what my friends are achieving and in fact already have achieved. Take for example this case:

This friend of mine is a Certified Public Accountant/Lawyer, became the Corporate Legal Manager to my ex-company that I love so much and went on to be based in Singapore to work in a firm. After 4 years, she decided to go home to pursue her long-time passion in sculpture. Yes, sculpture and interior design. And such a revolutionary shift from left-brainer to right-brainer career, right?

Whether she screwed up or not in this new endeavor, hold up your judgement when you haven’t seen these yet:
More, more more!
I know you want your bedroom to be cozy like this and with pieces like those:
And your living room too:
And look at those pieces, oh, I just want to hoard them all:
Wow! That’s just what I can say upon browsing the pdf catalogue she sent to me through fb last night. I know this is quite an underrated comment, but I can’t find a word to describe for my excitement for her (I’m not British or American).

I should say change is good. And change career is indeed really good, especially when you have the passion for what you are changing for. She’s got my support on it and she's in my home province right now making it big in interior design and sculpture. She is a talent to be reckoned with as one of the Boholano Prides!

So, if you have the need for interior design, or dying to have unique pieces of sculpture collection but want something fresh rather than bloated name in the industry, please call:

Aleth Indino
Chairman and Managing Director
Indino Interior Limited
T / 0063 38 5019943
M/ 0063 917 7195332
A / L. Karaan St., Dao District, Tgb City, Bohol, Ph

Congratulations, Ms. Aleth Indino. Once an artist, always an artist. You rock!

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