Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some Swags Right There

Ouch! I feel that my heart is broken right now because of the TV Series marathon I’d just finished watching minutes ago. I can’t tell you what’s that show this time because I’m still not getting over it. Choz. LOL. Anyway, because my tears were jerking, I rushed to my clothes trunk to get some hanky only to find out my caps cluttered over my folded shirts.
Yes, that’s right! Billabong caps. I’m just kind of fanatic no matter what.  Whenever I’m depressed, I feel like going to their store just to see what’s new, only to walk away not buying anything. Forgive me but it’s not about the design or the quality, it’s me who is having some second-thought-buyer decision-making issues in everything. Good thing, one pretty good friend of mine bought me some that I could take to some places. Now, let’s check out some times I unintentionally spent with them in my tramping:
Swagging in Thai fashion!
 Blending pretty well with that colorful Vietnamese Flea Market stuff! 
 Oh, and then I got one in my back to home (Phil).
Now, I think it's time to hit the beach... at home...
But I ended up sitting at Redbox.
(I could hardly believe we're doing karaoke in the middle of broad daylight yesterday - as in 12 noon! But, it was really cool and absolutely fun! LOL)

Totally, these caps give me some swags right there. And no, this isn't a paid blog topic. (defensive mode)

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