Friday, August 24, 2012

Come On, That's Right!

Yeah right, it's Friday! Weeeeh!

Suppose to go to a party tonight. I feel like seeing beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes strutting their stuff and flaunting their assets feeling kind of America’s Next Top Model Wannabes! Like this:
But I know, tonight, I will end up in my room browsing and surfing and stalking others’ fb or twitter or blog pages until 2am. T_T. Life’s so plain lately. On the other side, this is actually good for people old enough to go to a hiphop party. LOL. Oh no, not old, just a little grown up kid on the block. Choz.  

So, I hope the Wi-fi connectivity will not fail me or leave me brokenhearted tonight. Come on, that’s right, Cheerio!

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