Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great Expectations!

I threw a wish in a well; don’t ask me I’ll never tell, I look to you as it fell... the end. It didn’t happen. Only CR Jepsen’s wish did.

Okey, okey, okey! I sounded bitter on that statement. But, yes, only few wishes we made in our lifespan do come true and all others are just great expectations! Okey, I sounded bitter again. I’m just bitter today. lol

But really, having to get what one always want is not done by magic wand’s spell, unless you’re an authentic witch from Waverly Place (where is this place, anyway?). One must sacrifice or put one effort or two to have such wants which most of us don't.  And most of us are chasing only for things and money and credits (I know couple of them) just to climb up to the top and be recognize as one story of success. But are we really happy running all those rat races just to get those so called 'temporary highs'? I know some are, mostly aren’t. Bite me.

Anyway, so much for that. I’m not preaching. I’m just saying. And these illustrations are not so related to the story above. But don't lie to yourselves, I know these are most of the girls’ great expectations: 

I am not trying to be negative, but in the generation where men become vainer than women, it is almost difficult to find one drop-dead gorgeous guy to take you to the altar... and wouldn’t mind what you’re wearing. Now, I’m out of context.

Okey, fine, let's be positive. Some wishes can be granted (realistic ones). Some dreams do come true. Some great expectations in life can be met.

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