Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pissed Off

This topic is not related to fashion or anything like it. This is related only to me. First of all, I blog to express myself and keep me from self-explosion due to suppression and repression.

Well, nothing is more pissing off than waiting for something that does not come at all. That’s called ‘Indiana Jones’ in an eponymous language some of my friends are speaking – which I call it myself as the Official Unofficial Language of Philippine ‘Minorities’. And it's called 'Waiting in Vain' if we ask Bob Marley and MYMP to describe it. I waited for my Bus ride home for 1 hour and 9 minutes to be exact. It did not come. So pity.
I want to transform into something like this vintage avatar-ish illustration while 
waiting for the bus! (Illustrations, 2006)

So I just decided to take a taximeter motor cabriolet! There, with my anger, I managed to recite the complete name. Taxi. Yes, Taxi. 

Anyway, I arrived home safe and sound. Thanks God! And so I realized that some things will not really come (seriously) no matter how we wait. So the best thing to do is take the alternative. It is not because we don't have a choice. It's just because we need to take it. 

Now, I just finished my work-related and non-work-related works. Work, work, work! Maybe tomorrow, depending on the mode (bipolar tendencies, I know!), I can share to you my learning of the day about languages and learning other languages to help improve a country. Now I sound nationalistic and all. Let’s cut it out. 
Bored Hands, 2007

Good night! XoXo

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