Friday, August 31, 2012

No More Drama

It's holiday! The locals call it Merdeka Day! For me, it's called My Lazy Day.

So to keep the flow of this topic, let me describe what I'm doing now while typing this blog. I am sitting in a sofa facing the TV - 3 or 4 meters apart from me, watching the show that I can sense its emotional genre even from the title of it. Poignant, and so it is described. Yet, whatever the show is all about, the sound coming from that set fills the air keeping away some nostalgic moments in this one boring day! No more drama.

Anyway, to keep my mind busy and divert my attention from the screen (why am I doing this?), I surfed my SD card aside from doing this blog. And look what I've found:
More, more, more!

Just taken yesterday when my friend Joy and I were wandering in no direction to ease up the tension we had terribly experience earlier that day. Okey, let’s stop taking up that yesterday thing in here. I said no more drama, that's how to cover this dysphoria. No more drama, that's how to curtain up that entire atrocious situation. No more drama.  
Now, repeat after me: No more drama!

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