Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escaping Reality

I have a dream. Big dream. To build a business empire someday. So I got out from the box that   I am already comfortable curling in to hoard money abroad.
I have to accept the fact that my choices are already changed – weird foods, workplace jargons, colour combos, fashion sense, and, well, long hair. It is when you have a pain-in-the-ass job that you'll feel the need to find an outlet to let all the angst out or do some things just to escape the reality of being far away from home. Facebook, Jango Radio, Coke, Ugly Betty, Vampire Diaries, Adobe Photoshop, and digging items on sale anywhere in Midvalley City. Okay, I hate to admit it, but I guess I am addicted to sale items. And there are several of us here. Which means, I am not the only one in this case – my friends and colleagues, too. 
So, you could imagine our Friday Office Dress Code like the Mode Magazine’s. And you may picture the lobby like runway of fashionistas (and fashion victims, haha). Or if you cannot visualize it, here’s a magazine-like collates for your idea only and not for judgement:

OMG, I think I will go home still broke if I am not gonna control the impulse buying. Anyway, I am still at the controllable stage, so no need for me to go to a therapist or rehab (is this any facility that jails shopaholics?). As to my Big dream, I did not forget it. Only that I need to forget the nostalgia, that is why I got hook with it as my way of escaping reality. 

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