Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Survive with Bitches in the Workplace

I was about to write on something that could probably help career people climb up to the ladder of fierce corporate world, but I got distracted with something - toothache. No, just kidding. It was emotional outburst I had inside my room that no one heard except me. Weird, right?

It is when emotion takes over that I couldn't help but whine up about how the world is unfair. Though I have dealt and got used with scheming, snaking, bad-mouthing, backstabbing and every dirty plays inside this classy-looking corporate world, but human as I am, I can also be affected at times. Well, whose self-esteem wouldn't be dropped six feet below sea level when your letters and office communication templates were always reworded by someone who doesn't even know how to pronounce the world 'portal' in the first place? (pronounced as /powtah/? it sounds like a curse in my country) I just got offended because I was treated like a grader who is still learning to read and write.

If only I don't have this HR Profession, I could be the male version of the bitchiest corporate climber who can't allow anybody to cross his way while moving up. I will react and say what I have to say to people and wouldn't not care of how they're feeling of what I have said. Good thing is that my profession and professional experience taught me how to get along with even the most difficult know-it-all person in the workplace, or choose what, when and how to react in situations. Don't get me wrong, I am not a pleaser but just being proactive. It is not plasticity (fake), it is called Interpersonal Relationship (IPR) Skills. It is a skill, honey, not a bad attitude. Being tactless is bad attitude.

Why did I write this experience? Just for nothing really. Haha, just kidding again. I wrote this experience just to remind me that I cannot please everyone and I cannot satisfy all the people in the world of what I thought is the best performance of my life. I mean, all of us, actually, cannot be a perfect 10 to everyone.I say this, too, because I have noticed that a lot of us have got anxiety attacks and panics just to please people. Well, I am just trying to release the pressure.

Pressure steals the happiness. My point is that, if you've got the skills, then just work it out and compete with yourself. Don't think about pleasing everyone to the point of killing yourself. You cannot make people be happy about you if your are not happy inside. Remember the 'you cannot give what you do not have' rule. Secondly,  for those bitches around, don't get even with them, someday they will screw up themselves without you helping it - just the karma! Hehe.

Finally, just do it despite criticisms and ridicules. Listen only to comments that make points to ponder. Feel at ease even you are at the hot seat. Still not convinced? How about listening to Corrine Bailey Ray's Put Your Records on (video here) and then go ahead, let your hair down!

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