Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malaysia, Truly Asia!

I am an Expat Worker. Not a Vacationer. I am an Export Handyman. Not a Tourist. At first, I find it uneasy to feel. But now, I think I have accepted it already.

I am in Malaysia, truly Asia. Well, I got confused why the country’s tourism ad called this place something like that. Why? Is Philippines not authentic Asia, too? But now, I could attest to the integrity of such tagline. Three major races of Asia - Malays, Indian, and Chinese - and many other races living together in peace and harmony respecting (well, sort of) individual's religions and beliefs.

It’s been months that I am here and I miss home. But I’ve got to endure the isolation because it takes some money and time-consuming travel to go home. And since I am stuck here, I’ve got no choice but to roam around and have some fun.

Here are some postcard-perfect stills from my camera and new-found friends’ cameras: 
I must admit, some people gave me a fright to head this place because of the impression that some rules are not forgiving. Freedom of expressions is suppressed, or lifestyle and choices are stiff. Well, there are rules that you don’t dare cross the boundary, but most of those things they say about Malaysia were completely wrong. It is not what I thought. Malaysia is a free country of Filipino-looking people (or is it that most Filipinos are of Malayan descent?) and nature meets civilization in almost all places. Further, I noticed that there’s only small gap between the rich and the poor (not proof, just observation!).
So if you plan of vacationing, how about dropping by Truly Asia? I know you might raise your brows of my invitation because you don’t have the impression that this place is a tourist destination. But, how about checking out the place yourself? Let us start from the stunning Petronas Tower. Then find out if rest of bad impressions disappear.
I am not a vacationer. But a place as beautiful like this, I think I am feeling like one.

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