Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yet Another 'Trouble Sleeping' Version

Trouble sleeping. I hate to admit it but I am suffering it now. Why in the world I will be ill with such disorder? Is this some kind of hormonal imbalance? Or just having a thought with an emotion so hard to contain? Well, to be honest, the last question happens to be an answer, too.

Scientists may describe it as over-secretion of endorphin from the hypothalamus. Psychologists termed it limerence. Teenagers called it ‘crush’. Professional people around me described it as infatuation. Some may simply define it as attraction. But, I personally named it ‘yet another trouble sleeping version’. Gosh, what a name! And I know you have goose bumps feeling awkward how I have tagged that feeling. Well, it is the only available phrase that best describes this kind of shaky situation in me.
Since the spark of this trouble inside me started, I immediately look for a remedy. I want to get this out of my head and shake it off like a dust in my thinking cap. But, to no avail. Instead, it clings on like gecko stuck on the wall that is so hard to detach. And it is so addicting, like I want to get way from it but my longing keeps adhering to it. Now, I believe Edward Cullins of Twilight movie that a person who is into this kind of emotion may have his personal brand of heroin.

What could be the cure for this ill behavior (as I consider it)? Or if this is addiction, somebody tell me what kind of therapy I should be into. And if scientists are true to their description, then, what could stop the oozing hormones from the lower portion of my brain? For all these questions searching for rare or no answers at all, it’s just strength-depleting more than involving myself in an strenuous activity.

But, just a thought that maybe I have never searched for the answers of my queries because I am very impatient and overwrought to find them that I lose some of my five senses. Well, whatever is my attitude towards this problem, someday, I could modify it later if it doesn’t work well. Yet for now, I long to say hello to good night sleep and say goodbye to sleepless nights. I just need rest.

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