Friday, December 18, 2009

S/S 2010 Collection

I would like to present my illustrations for S/S 2010:

The Collection is something personal to me, like the designs have sprung out from my experience and were translated into the illustration board. To further understand the message that I am trying to convey, here is the Cover of my S/S/ 2010 Portfolio and Artist’s Story:

Midnight in the Garden of Francisca
By Francis Antipas Muring 8.15.09

It was in mid-July. I was freaking out that my 20-year-old brother is having three children in one conception by his girlfriend and he’s getting married at early age. So, I decided to go home, leaving my busy life in the urban jungle, to see my family in distress.

I never had slept at the ferry the night I traveled, that’s why I dozed off all day long when I arrived home. In the first night at home, I couldn’t shut my eyes no matter how I tried to self-hypnotize to unconscious rest. Maybe it was the coffee I sipped, or just because I slept all day.

I peeped out from the window. It was ‘moony’ outside. I decided to go out from our house and strolled around to drain my wakefulness and bring my whole body to fatigue. There, in the middle of the night I saw beauty flourishing while the world is sleeping.

I realized I was in the garden of my mother, Francisca. I was stunned by the blooms surrounding me– the flowers in shady colors and the dark-hued vegetation glistening in the reflection of pale moonlight, dangling from their stems so spirited and full of life. The view I saw captivated my tender heart and my eyes suddenly became misty as I began caressing the foliage with my fingers. I posed and wonder who else was awake to marvel the loveliness existent only at midnight.

I went back to bed smiling. I felt that my anxieties and worries swiftly flown away, and letting go of burdens and stress that I’ve acquired from all of life’s agitations and aggravations was made easy.

Now that I’m back in the city, I longed for the nocturnal meandering and the discoveries. But I could only enjoy the experience from my mother’s garden, and I don’t know when I’m coming home again, so I reflected my memoirs into my masterpieces – just to make sure they’re recorded.
FOR MORE VIEWS of S/S 2010 Collection, please click here.

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