Monday, September 12, 2016

Sweet Escape

ATM, it's Eid holiday here in the UAE. It's actually a 5-day long 'weekend' from Friday until Tuesday! 

Having realized that, I've immediately called my longtime #bbf in Abu Dhabi to save me from being stuck and mentally desolated in the middle of Dubai's concrete jungle. Then, to make the long story short, I packed my bag for less than 30 minutes and jumped on the bus. Now, here I am in the UAE's capital.

When I got here, I was like 'Oh, the feeling is nice!' Well, this is my first time to be out of my bed in 2016 since my vacay in the PH last Feb. Yeah, honest! And we went on swimming (no pics here!) though I been swimming for like forever in the pool in the building where I live, and we went out to see the city. It feels like I'm traveling to another country. I know it's kind of mundane don't ruin my tripping here, I'm having some Alice-in-wonderland moment! lol.

Yes, I haven't told my story about why I haven't been able to touch or even visit this blog for quite a long time, but I can tell you that I know who were there through my awful times and who will not let go of me even if I'm at my worst case scenario.

A photo posted by Francis Antipas Muring Sauvage (@francisantipasmuringsauvage) on

A photo posted by Francis Antipas Muring Sauvage (@francisantipasmuringsauvage) on

Just for a hint, even to this day I'm still having weird dreams in my sleep and naps and having trouble listening to some strange sounds. But I need to get over them because life is kind of strange some times.

Locale: Park Arjaan by Rotana (Abu Dhabi)
Shirt: Loalde (Philippines)

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