Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When In Malaysia 1.0

If you are fan of siomai (siew mai), siopao (siew pau), dumplings, and all, then there's one Avenue I know for you to go when you happen to have vacay in MY.  When my friend mentioned it to me at first, I was kind of hesitant to go because siomai is quite common and becoming 'staple' food in PH at its bestest price. I tasted siomai last year from a resto down the building where our office is located, and I did not quite voted for it because I did not understand why the balls have to have juicy something when I ate them. Sorry, I'm not a food historian or food connoisseur, plus I was born in PH where fastfood-ized dimsums are so norm, so I'm kind of having question mark with my eyebrows then. 

This is the landmark.
But, whoaah! when we got there and seated I saw these dimsum canisters (don't know the exact name in Chinese) with siomai. As in siomai and other cutie and colorful little dimsum foodies. Above all, the tastes were very authentic that I imagined Kungfu Panda 2 with chopsticks upon munching. (Click for pix)

My Malaysians and Fil friendships:

And this is the moment. My moment. Moment ko ba talaga 'to?

Opps, I finished them all! 
Too bad, I  can't remember the resto's name (anyway, there are a lot along the road that you can pick). But for all you know, that was one of the best moments and best food I've tasted in Malaysia. Much more that the foodtrip was for free. :D Xoxo

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