Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When In Malaysia 2.0

I'm feeling hungry right now. 

And speaking of hunger, I just thought of posting some of the food you either can find only in Malaysia or the flavors are unique from the ones in other places.

Henewey, here're my top 5 that you should try when you're in Malaysia:

First of, there is Nasi LemakI think this is Malaysia's National Food. :)

Then, there's Roti Pisang (pisang means banana). 

Of course, there's my fave Mee Kuey Teow.

And this one is more than any caffeine drinks I know. It's Teh Tarik. (Tarik means pull, Teh is Tea; thus Pulled Tea).

Finally, the so called 'Cendol' (pronounced: chendol). I just tasted this recently.

Wait, it's not 5. There's one more.

These indeed caught my attention. Angry Birds. Amazing!

How did they do those barbeque heads?

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