Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Over

“I was head-over-heel into you. But that was so last year!”

This is the line that’s constantly repeating in my head. And I am happy.

2009 was a nerve-wracking year for me – especially in the area of love. Well, I couldn’t elaborate what this was about because it was kind of complicated. Just let me jump into wrapping it up that I have got over with it, like no worries, no flurries, no angst, no trouble sleeping dramas, and anything excruciating. Bottom line, I am no longer into hot pursuit operation with a person who doesn’t even value my time and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sour gripping or something, I’m just giving you a sneak preview of the causative movie-like scenario of my wobbling emotion past last year.

But then again, I wasn’t sour gripping. Instead, I feel good knowing that I am not into that person any longer. Yet, I never had regrets knowing that person or have become bitter getting my efforts and emotions involved with that person (person, so redundant, lol.) and end up in vain. For that matter, I’ve considered the person as reminder that I cannot have all the things that I want. The situation also taught me to accept things hardly acceptable – the fact is, there wasn’t any available choice than to accept. And yes, what they say about life as a paradox is true – the person whom you like may not like you, or you may not like the person who likes you.

I have faced it, the person is not into me. It was so unbearable at first but, as I have said, I got over with it and I’m so relieved. Getting over is like breaking free from the self-built cage. Lately, I had planned to say straight to that person’s face, “I was head-over-heel into you. But that was so last year!” Yet, I may sound so resentful, and the line may seem pointless at all. So this time, I think let’s just call it quits.

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