Sunday, August 7, 2011

Valentine's Day

I just thought this story I wrote on my FB Notes on the 21st of March is worth re-posting. It went something like this:
It's not literally Valentine's Day. I am not in love either.

It's a title of a movie I have watched at HBO-HD lately. I promised earlier yesterday that I have to sleep early because I have to break the monotony of being nocturnal darknight walker for the past years. But like almost everybody, I broke the promise. So here it goes, found myself stuck in the laptop again trying to express my thoughts when it's in the middle of the night and I am alone in my room.

I know most people would say, "why the heck would I care about your thoughts and your little drama of love and devotion?" Oh, well, I would just like to say things. Afterall, blogging is for free, whether someone would read it or not. But I've figured it out that if you have loved and lost of whoever fault was the breaking up happened, then, you can relate with me.

So, so much for that prologue, let's go back to the movie. 'Twas a star-studded movie,  with major storylines by Garner, Cutcher, Alba, Foxx, Demsey, Hattaway, Biel, Mclain, Grace, Emma and the blinding Ms. Julia Roberts, Lautner, and my favorite Taylor Swift. Though Swift was kind of farfetch in her role, but I still love the hair. Haha, what a shallow! Anyways, for those who have seen the movie, I don't need some serious explaining to do. But for those who have not seen it, well, there's not much heavy drama that you need to put a box of Premier Tissue in front of you while watching on it. Or any line Oscar worthy. So why bother watching if it's not award-winning? Well, I don't persuade you to watch. I don't also need you to argue with me because even if you have a, sort of, Boston-Legal-versus-Drop-Dead-Diva-and-Shark argument and logic, it will not still change my realization. So just read and wrinkle your forehead if my arguments are quiet disagreeable.

It's like, you are in the midst of those ordinary lives intertwined in these universe because of that thing called love. And, that's it, I may not go far to create gymnastics of words just for you to have an reel-like images projected in the screen while reading this note.  I would say that if you're interested enough, you will watch the movie yourself.

Let me finally drop the bomb before you get bored. Well, as I followed the thread of complications in this movie, at the end, I realized something about acceptance. I realized that if you want love to grow and prosper, you have to broaden your spectrum in terms of understanding shortcomings and everything unperfect that comes with the person you love. And because you are unperfect, too, in return you must make effort to make things right. It's the effort that counts. You don't have to change people the way they are, because if they are into you, they will change themselves without anyone telling them.

In my case of love, I have been mistreated several times because I am an oddball. But before they could dump me, I dumped them first so it would be less hurting and less of a loser in front of people. As different as I am when it comes to this area, I still managed to become egoistic. But, I realized I was all wrong because I never gave the other parties the chance to understand their feeling towards me, and give time and space to accept my being me. I also played and just bailed whenever there's jerking around. It ended up as we're both jerks.

So starting today, I will behave like I'm old enough to understand. And if I will find love again, I have to understand and accept that sometimes things will not work out the way I want it. I will make an effort to keep the one I as long as I could, though the other party may not be really into me. It's called work in progress.

Now, I guess I am ready for one silly love song again.
Sweet. ^.^
This was my favorite scene. 

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