Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Kissed the Rain and I Liked It!

It rained hard last night. It was such a downpour.

My roommate/colleague, Ronnie, and I took a bus going home. It rained when we hopped in the ride. As the bus winded the trip, all the while the rain stopped. Ronnie seemed to be relieved when he saw the windshield clear from the spurts of raindrops. I was kind of thankful to see it, too.

The Bus
When the bus was almost near to the bus stop, suddenly the rain poured again. Oh well, such a funny weather you see, but, God probably had the purpose for it which I shouldn't dare figure out.
Okay, the downpour was still heavy when we jumped out of the ride. We decided to stay for a while at the bus stop shed. Since the water slightly flooded the flooring, we climbed up the built-in steel bench imitating an oldie who was there ahead of us. For me, it was like seeing a concert with a stand up crowd and we are at the back trying to catch the show but leaving no choice but to step up a stall or a table just see it.

Then, in a split-second, I felt the urge to splurge myself. The drops from the roof enticed me to bounce under the pouring rain and indulge in reckless abandon. It really tempted me. ‘Twas since my adolescence and I forgot how does it feel to play wet and wild (I mean, literally).

So we decided to walk home. Ronnie had not brought his umbrella, and my umbrella was too small for the two of us to fit in. Such was a perfect reason to give it to him. We agreed for him to carry my bag with techie things and papers, while I carried the groceries.
Then the wet journey began. I took off my shoes and ran across the street. Oh, well, it felt so damn good as big drops fell and caressed every inch of me. I felt the drips in my lips and it never felt so refreshing than ever.

Ronnie and I were laughing while we walked through the almost empty street. My business attire was soaking wet, but I liked it. My shoes were wet though I carried them, but it doesn’t matter anyway. I know I looked like a mindless dumb, but who cares. They didn’t feel how I happy and excited I was at that time. It felt like I was a child again: thoughtless and problem-free.

We arrived home, and, so I was back to reality and restrain. The time I was under the rain, I was like so released and stress-free. Well, I’ve been to nice places, had bought nice garbs, been to restaurants eating damn overpriced food, but they don’t excite me. It was incomparable.

I wasn’t as energized and unconfined as dancing in the rain. I never felt such excitement and I didn’t pay for it.  And so I realized that, indeed, some of the best things in life are free.
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