Monday, March 8, 2010

I Remember

Last week, I have been to Visayas State University (VSU and formerly ViSCA), the school that taught me to grow up. Though days passed I had panic situations on compiling for my portfolio to be submitted to fashion show organizer, my mind couldn’t be deviated from my excitement of the trip.

It was Sunday afternoon. I was so excited booking a ticket for Ormoc City (Philippines). I was at the terminal waiting for sea craft’s embarkation instruction, but I couldn’t sit and my feet seemed to be tickled by my thoughts of going to my school again. Then, it was time to be on board. I didn’t sleep during the whole sea voyage when finally, a voiceover from one of the cabin crew, announced that the boat was about to dock. After docking, I immediately jumped out of the vessel and ran towards the bus terminal heading for my place of destination.

The bus from Ormoc started its engine to VSU at 7:16 pm. I intended to sit at the window side of the non-aircon vehicle for roadside seeing. Well, the ride was kind of breezy but I liked it. As the vehicle traveled in full speed cruising the highway, I realized that I missed the view of the wayside and it’s been years since my last visit. I was also thrilled that soon I would land my feet back to the soil of my Alma Mater dear, probably as thrilled as the astronauts landing on the moon (just maybe).

It was past 8 o’clock when I arrived at the gate. I was greeted by the sweet smell of familiar scent. I have found out that it was from Ilang-ilang tree/flower (I’m not familiar with Taxonomy), and the fragrance spread around the campus, though ignored by most people in place, but I believe it had tickled the noses and senses of transients. As I walked through the pathway, I noticed it was full moon and its lucid reflection gave romantic opportunity for the trees to create a lovely silhouette of branches on the green grassy ground ala Victorian styling – just as I have imagined it. As I arrived at the Hostel, the place inside the campus where I booked my stay for couple of nights, I immediately put my bag and didn’t wait for the morning to come to stroll around. I called my friend in the campus, Doc Quiza, to say hi and ask where she’s at, finding out that she’s at the backstage of the Gymnatorium’s (gymnasium and auditorium rolled into one) managing the stage for a rehearsal of a campus talent search. Without much ado, I ran toward that building. Along the way, I was caught with magnificence of the view, so splendid and spectacular. I have seen the beauty of the plain, the roofs of buildings sparking in reflection to the moon subtly covered with lush of tress in between. From that moment, my headache brought by anxieties and stress was gone with the wind of sweet scent from the plain of beautiful landscape.

In the morning, I got up feeling fresh and pollution-free, took the shower and dressed up comfortably for a long walk ahead. I passed through some memory lanes, some were there, and some were no longer there. Some trees have grown up like those at the Ecopark, and some were toppled down like the rubber trees in the Market and at the Library. Though the sun was scorching hot, I didn’t mind it and I just tramped around the campus with happy feet. I said to myself,‘I don’t care if I could get sunburn. For the memories reminisced, it’s so worth it!’

Late afternoon, after taking a short nap at the hotel, I strolled at the beachfront seeing the students easing up themselves facing the seemingly unruffled sea. Well, I could remember back in the days when my only problem was to pass the subject and graduate on time. Then, I traversed the campus via mainstreet towards the Kinetics building where I met my dance director back then, Prof. Zafra, who taught me about poise and grace under pressure. It was a happy reunion. To end up the day, I found myself at the backseat of Doc Quiza’s ride towards hotel as the dusk slowly took place.

The following day was the ‘bye-bye’ day. I was a bit unsatisfied of the brief visit, but it was time to go. For those days inside the campus, I forgot the chaos of the corporate world and my soul was being revived from losing inspirations. My eyes were sort of teary knowing that I will leave the place. But I promised to myself that I will be back soon and will keep on coming back, because this is the place where I grow up – and have grown up fast!

Now, back to my old hectic world again.

Photo Credits: Photos courtesy of Dr. Ana Marquiza Quilicot, D.V.M., M.Sc., VSU, Leyte, Phil.

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