Friday, September 6, 2013

Suffering From Success

This title is something borrowed from DJ Khaled. So conceited as it sounds. And I know you want to freak out and ask, “What? Is there such thing?”

In fact, there is. Take Miley [Cyrus] and Lindsay [Lohan] for example.

Let’s start with Miley. Three things. First, she was Hanna Montana. Then, she inspired me and the rest of the emo world for her “The Climb” number (imagine, 180M hits in YouTube). And third, she got all the other girls drool over the Ice-candy she had in her arms – Liam Hemsworth. Those are for the success part. Then, what happened? What’s with the hair and all those twerking moves and tongue gestures like some kind of hungry snake? We don't know the exact reason for all these breakdown. And for the record, anybody can do that without becoming notorious. But she is a celebrity; thus, everybody noticed such 'misdemeanor'. Poor girl! But whatever it is the cause for sudden change of attitude, I still love Miley.

I missed the old Miley

As for Lindsay, well, her story is a bit old already and I don’t want to describe it here because I’m still very affected that cannot explain why. That sweet-looking freckled face from ‘The Parents rap’ movie. The America’s Sweetheart in 'Labor Pains'. That party-phile brat. And I know for sure that her case of being arrested for alcohol-related issues whilst driving or going to a rehab is not a special case. But she's famous, so everybody knows and made speculations about her. That's the annoying part of her success.

No bad intentions in sharing this, just enjoy watching

Having mentioned all those examples, I bet you can at least have an idea that at many point in time, success has its own backfires and downsides. When you succeed on something, people will tend to drag you down. Well, it's a human nature. 

Well just a thought. Everything has two sides, advantage and disadvantage, ups and down. As an old advice about life goes, ‘if one part of your life is flourishing; the other part is tearing apart’. Whether what really matters to us- whether fame and fortune, gold and glory, reputation and dignity, relationships and family- there are some things that we have to give up or let go for the sake of succeeding at something. 

So what's my argument in this post? Well, my point is, we will be suffering from any consequences of our decisions. If we decide not to go on, we will suffer the misery of blaming ourselves for not taking chances. On the other hand, when we decide to go for it, we have to suffer letting go on something we are presently holding right now. If we decide to stay on top, we have to repressed our human tendencies so that we will be able to live up to expectations. Or if we take some risks and misses, we will turn into a joke and suffer humiliation. Laying all of them in the table, the bottomline is we will all suffer from something because of some success or  any failure. 

Better succeed anyway. But whatever it is you want to be successful with, just don’t do something stupid or anything that will turn you into a big-time joke or anything you will be regretting for your whole life to bear as you go along. Don't get me wrong, I believe that only God forgives. But I also believe that in everything, forgiven or not, there is still a consequence to go through. So, my best advice: just gracefully enjoy (or suffer?) the fruits of God's reward from your hardwork when you get there, and control yourself in order to enjoy freedom from other's judgment. And always think that whether you get what you want or not, everything happens for a reason, and God has plans for you.

But just incase you unintentionally messes up, there is still time to clean up and do not think that it's the end of the world. Because in everything we do and have done, only God can perfectly judge. But that shouldn't be an excuse because when you're busted for some kind of illegalities, the police and judge will not accept such argument in the court.
To the left from our Office building
To the right from my Office building. Ambitions just getting higher. Xoxo

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