Saturday, July 7, 2012


One Saturday afternoon, contemplating
Wondering how life should be
When all has been decided with some feelings of regrets
But there is no stopping now, and life should go on

I’m scared to death, worried as hell
Leaping without a safety net,
But at times I have look down the pit and should take the risk
To see what’s in there

I wipe my eyes from tears, because I don’t what to roll them down
I don’t want to feel more pain of such bitter drops coming out from me
And I must contain it, I must restrain by break down
Because I don’t want people will see that I faltered somehow

For those who looked up to me, I am feeling sorry
Yet human as I am, I know it is sickening to hear the excuse
That is why I force myself to be brave
Though my fingers are shivering

I looked up from the window but see the dim clouds
Yet I could see the sunlight passing through
Which reminds me not to lose my grip of hope
Because I know life’s brighter side is always there

Don’t get me wrong, I am not praying for easy life
Because I know there are a number of people out there
Who may be feeling worse or less fortunate that I
That’s why I ask for the strength, instead, to get by with this languishing

Now, I should continue to walk though tripping just to move on
And someday when I get there I should look behind reminiscing
With the sweetest smile and glimmering eyes
With this course of survival in this life of mine.

Someday, I will be wiser. Someday. 

Francis Antipas Muring 7.7.12

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